VISION: We exist to transform education by unblocking the genius of every child.

MISION: Provide each member of the community the tools and skills to become the best version of themselves in order to have a transformational impact in their communities.

PHILOSOPHY (Micro School)
We believe that students must have a high level of agency in their learning. Therefore, Kin Academy has created an environment where students of different age groups collaborate in a nurturing and supportive environment in order to master the hard and soft skills needed to embrace the rest of their lives. We have developed a flexible curriculum supported by constant mentoring so students can truly lead their own learning.

Our low student teaching radio allows us to provide personalized support to each student in order to determine their areas of strength and use them to develop other skills that need some extra work.

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In accordance to Kin Academy philosophy we love to work closely with parents/carers and we recognize a huge importance that choosing a school is. It must be the one where you feel confident your child will be cared for, valued and most importantly will be happy. Your child will then be ready to learn.

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More than 40 years of accumulated experience on educational institutions.

We are a learning community that exists with the sole purpose of unleashing the genius that exists in every child. We do this by developing a very progressive curriculum model, a project based learning pedagogical approach and an intensive focus on the social emotional wellbeing of each child.